Astrological Highlights: November 2015

November 2015 | Vedic AstrologyVenus and Mars are both about to leave the sign of Leo and will together enter Virgo on November 2nd.

Virgos will be busy sorting out their relationships during the time Venus transits in Virgo. In fact, relationship issues are surfacing for the world at large. Rahu, also in Virgo, represents that which is foreign and different, and Rahu is introducing change, a new component that challenges existing values.

Because of the current extraordinary movement and migration of refugees, Europeans are asking themselves if they are ready to accept change, and to what extent. The exact square between practical minded Saturn and idealistic Neptune challenges our ideals, and this is a time when we need to face the practical reality of humanitarian ideals. Will we close the doors to strangers even if they need our help? Being humanitarian and compassionate comes with inevitable challenges and sacrifices.

Another result of the Venus/Mars/Rahu conjunction comes through openly expressing non-traditional relationships. We have recently legalized same-sex marriages in many parts of the United States.

Venus and Mercury are exchanging signs

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is currently transiting Libra. This exchange of signs, between Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra, strengthens the friendly relationship between these planets. Mercury and the Sun in Libra emphasize the importance of communication, negotiation, diplomacy and reform on both personal and global levels.

Saturn, a planet representing boundaries, continues its transit through Scorpio, a sign of transformation. Borders and boundaries are changing, both on the outside as well as within us.

Sun and Mercury move to Scorpio

On November 16th both the Sun and Mercury will join Saturn in Scorpio. This will end the positive exchange between Venus and Mercury. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and now the exchange is between Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio.

The second half of November could be challenging for the signs Gemini and Virgo, both ruled by Mercury.  The Sun and Saturn are not friendly towards one another and communication will be intense when Mercury is caught between these planets.

Scorpios may have to work hard during the 2nd part of November with the conjunction of Sun/Saturn/Mercury in its sign. Leos are also influenced by a saturnian influence when Saturn aspects Leo and conjuncts its ruling planet. Leaders and governments will be under pressure, especially when dealing with the inevitable transformation that the world is undergoing.

Venus in Libra

On November 29th Venus moves into Libra. Venus wants to maintain balance and harmony but is pressured because it is surrounded by two great malefics: Mars in Virgo, and Saturn in Scorpio. However, things will look brighter in time to enjoy the Christmas Season when the Sun moves into Sagittarius on December 16th.

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Dates to remember:

  • November 2nd: Venus and Mars enter Virgo
  • Mars/Venus/Rahu conjunction in Virgo
  • November 8th: Venus/Rahu conjunction exact
  • November 11th: Mars/Rahu conjunction exact
  • November 11th: New Moon
  • November 16th: Sun moves into Scorpio
  • November 16th: Mercury moves into Scorpio
  • November 24th: Mercury/Saturn exact
  • November 25th: Full Moon in Taurus
  • November 29th: Sun/Saturn conjunction exact
  • November 29th: Venus moves into Libra

Astrological Highlights: October 2015

Vedic Astrology Forecast October 2015

Much of this month’s planetary activity is centered in the signs of Leo and Virgo.

Leo expresses leadership, power and creativity. Virgo is practical, intellectual and can analyze and organize details.

Planets in Leo

Venus joined Mars and Jupiter in Leo on the last day of September, and all three planets will remain in Leo for the entire month of October. This is empowering for Leo, enhancing creativity and strengthening courage.

Saturn aspects the three planets in Leo from his position in Scorpio. This saturnian influence causes stress that demands attention. In particular, the mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn can manifest violence, frustration and anger. However, Mars is now in the company of two benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, and both of these planets are capable of guiding Mars in a positive direction. Jupiter can guide Mars to take action in a constructive way. The Mars/Venus combination strengthens creativity and passion.

Planetary war (Graha Yuddha)

By mid-October Jupiter and Mars are coming very close to each other, their conjunction is exact on October 17th. Planets within a degree of one another are said to be in a planetary war (Graha Yuddha). Both planets are fighting to express their nature. Jupiter may try to influence Mars from becoming too assertive, and Mars may ignore Jupiter’s guidance. For a few days before and after Oct 17th, Mars and Jupiter are at war with one another.

On October 25th Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction at 21’ Leo. Both planets are advisors, but on different levels. Venus is said to guide the asuras and Jupiter is the teacher of the Devas. Their conjunction, which is a planetary war, could result in a disagreement, or confusion, in regards to which direction to follow.

On October 31st, Mars and Venus are in a planetary war, and on November 2nd both planets move into Virgo.

Planets in Virgo

united nations meeting - vedic astrologyMercury, the planet of communication and negotiation, remains exalted in Virgo almost the entire month. The Sun, the planet of leadership and power, is also in Virgo along with Rahu, the north node of the Moon.

It is interesting that world leaders (ruled by the Sun), including Putin and Obama, gathered at the United Nations general assembly shortly after the lunar eclipse. Their meeting (connected to Mercury) tackled the refugee issue, terrorism, the crises in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Africa.

Mercury is retrograde until October 9th. When this planet stations (temporarily stops) in order to go direct, it will be on the same degree as the position of Rahu.Their conjunction is exact on October 8th to 10th. This will further trigger the effects of the lunar eclipse of September 27th.

A retrograde Mercury rapidly approaching Rahu makes it especially important to double check  technical devices, computers, credit cards, travel arrangements etc. Communication can be misunderstood or manipulated. This may be especially true since this time follows an eclipse. Watch out for miscommunication. On October 11th the Moon will also join Rahu/Mercury/Sun. This can be a time of anxiety and instability. After October 14th, when Mercury is direct again, and is moving away from Rahu, there will be more stability.  

The Sun will move into Libra on October 17th. The Sun is not powerful in Libra, but gives more attention to others, and understands diplomacy better than in any other sign. Mercury follows the Sun and moves into Libra on October 29th.

Dates to remember:

October 8th – 10th:  Mercury conjunct Rahu in Virgo

October 9th: Mercury goes direct in Virgo

October 17th: Jupiter/Mars conjunction in Leo

October 17th: Sun moves into Libra

October 25th: Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo

October 29th: Mercury moves into Libra

October 31st: Mars/Venus conjunction in Leo

Peace and blessings,

Astrological Highlights: September 2015

Lunar Eclipse Vedic AstrologySeptember 2015 is an eventful month astrologically. During the second half of September there will be two eclipses. The lunar eclipse on September 27th is especially powerful, lasting over 3 hours with the Moon in total eclipse for over an hour.

Mercury with Rahu in Virgo

On August 22nd, Mercury moved into Virgo (which he rules). Mercury likes this analytical, detail oriented and discriminating earth sign. Mercury is the planet of trade and business. He rules over communication, the intellect and the central nervous system. Although Mercury is comfortable in the sign that he rules, he is currently not alone in Virgo – Rahu is also transiting this sign.

Rahu is the north node of the Moon, and his element is air. Just like the wind, he can create instability. Rahu can, from an astrological point of view, cause a storm. Rahu’s influence on Mercury could be seen on August 24th, after China’s stock market took a nose dive.

The attributes of Mercury are energized while in Virgo. However, the instability of Rahu can also give rise to fear. Together these planets can manifest the nervous excitement that many people experienced around the ups- and downs in the stock market that followed Mercury’s entry into Virgo.

Mercury retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde on September 17th. When Mercury moves direct on October 9th he will be in exact conjunction with Rahu again for several days. Mercury will stay in Virgo until October 29th.

A strong and irritable Mars

Mars leaves his debilitation in Cancer on September 15th. Although much stronger in Leo he is now aspected by Saturn. Furthermore, Mars also aspects Saturn in Scorpio as well as Ketu in Pisces. This combination indicates increased conflicts, violence, and terrorism. Mars will stay in Leo until Nov 2nd.

Rahu and Ketu’s influence on the migration crisis

More than 300,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean this year while trying to escape war and poverty.  The migrant crisis, the biggest wave to hit Europe since world war II, has become a huge problem. Thousands of desperate people have died while crossing the sea and the EU has not yet been able to deal with this migration.

Rahu and Ketu express a deep seated karma from the past that needs to be reconciled with present realities. The Lunar Nodes are important in our individual lives, and they always play a key role in collective mass karma.

The essential meaning of Ketu is associated with material non-attachment and the search for inner enlightenment. Ketu can also be the wanderer who is separated from his material belongings. Today people are wandering in mass, hundreds of thousands are leaving all their possessions behind, in search of meaning and safety.

Ketu is transiting the water sign Pisces. Ketu also represent loss, and thousands of people have lost their lives at sea in search of an unknown future. Ketu aspects Saturn in Scorpio to a close degree and puts demands on Saturn to respond to this situation. Saturn is casting an aspect on Leo,  where currently the Sun and Jupiter are transiting. Leo and the Sun represent leadership and governments, and governments are under pressure due to Saturns aspect on Leo.

Among planets, the shadowy Rahu is the outsider. He represents that which is foreign, foreign lands, immigrants and foreigners. Rahu conjunct Mercury in Virgo, among other things, suggests a necessity to work out practical solutions to humanitarian needs and immigration.

Two eclipses in September

An eclipse happens when the shadow planets Rahu or Ketu pass over the Sun or the Moon. An eclipse brings change and transformation.The awareness of a change, perhaps through the manifestation of an event, can occur very soon after an eclipse. But it can also take months, sometimes even years, to uncover the full consequences of an eclipse.

An eclipse can release forces on a grand scale, affecting many people. It can also influence us on an individual level when we have planets close to the eclipse. The effect will then be related to the expression of that planet. It can also impact the house in which it occurs. The strength of an eclipse depends on how long it lasts, and how visible it is in relation to the geographical place.

If you can avoid it, do not to begin an important undertaking during the time of an eclipse. The day of an eclipse is better suited for reflection, prayer and meditation.

Partial Solar Eclipse

On September 13th there will be a partial solar eclipse. The partial solar eclipse will only be visible from South Africa, Antarctica and locations in Indian and Atlantic Oceans.

The eclipse takes place in the sign of Leo at 26 degrees.

Total Eclipse of the Harvest Moon

The fall equinox (Northern hemisphere) takes place on Wednesday September 23rd. This is the time of year when the day and night are equal in length.

The Harvest Moon will be seen in the sky on Sunday, September 27th. A harvest Moon is the full Moon closest to the fall equinox. This year the full Moon on September 27th is the biggest Moon of the year due to its close orbit to the Earth. A larger than normal Moon is called a Super Moon, and it this Super Moon that will be eclipsed.

The lunar eclipse will begin on the evening of September 27th, at 6:50 (PDT) at 10 degrees 35 minutes Pisces. It will last for 3 hours and 20 minutes. The Moon will be totally eclipsed for over an hour and the peak of the eclipse occurs at 7:50 pm (PDT)

The total eclipse will be visible from most of North America, South America, Europe, west Asia and parts of Africa will be able to see the eclipse.

The eclipse involving the Moon and Ketu in Pisces suggests water related incidents. The energy of the Moon and Ketu in Pisces can also, when it has an inward focus, heighten and refine the awareness of our connection with one another, spiritualize our consciousness, and help us to move towards spirit.

Dates to remember:

  • Mercury in Virgo with Rahu all month, Retrogrades Sept 17th to Oct 9th
  • Partial Solar eclipse: Sept 13th
  • Mars enters Leo: Sept 15th
  • Sun enters Virgo: Sept 17th
  • Total Lunar eclipse: Sept 27th



Astrological Update: August 2015

Venus - Vedic AstrologyRetrograde Venus

Venus went retrograde on July 26th and will stay retrograde until September 6th.

A retrograde Venus wants to revisit the past, perhaps by reconnecting to old friends. There may also be a need to reflect on present close relationships. We may want to finish those creative projects that got left behind or re-discover our creative abilities. Venus also rules money and we may need to look more closely at our finances.

Venus will be in exact conjunction with Jupiter on August 4th, at approximately 4 degrees Leo in the star constellation Magha. The higher manifestation of Venus is to express truth and dharma in regards to relationships, creativity and the desire for comfort and prosperity. Jupiter brings expansion, increased knowledge and wisdom. Although Venus and Jupiter both are benefic planets their relationship with each other is not entirely a friendly one. Both planets are creative and expansive and in Leo there is a wish for material power, a desire for comfort and elegance.The problems that can arise with Venus/Jupiter conjunctions is a tendency to over-expand, spend too much and to be unrealistic.

Saturn goes direct

Saturn has Saturn - Vedic Astrologybeen moving retrograde since mid-March and turns direct again on August 2nd. He is now stationed at approximately 4 degrees Scorpio. Saturn will remain at 4 degrees Scorpio for the entire month and is very strong while he is stationary. From his position in Scorpio he is casting a very close 10th house aspect to Venus/Jupiter at 4 degrees Leo. Saturn’s energy has a limiting and restricting effect on the Venus Jupiter conjunction in Leo. Saturn wants us to live simply and within our means.

Mercury joins Jupiter and Venus in Leo on August 4th. Three benefic planets in the same sign will create nice yogas for both Leo and Aquarius. Later in the month Mercury will move into his own sign of Virgo on August 22nd, where he joins Rahu. He will be there until Oct 29th.

Mars debilitated in Cancer

The ruling planet of Scorpio (where Saturn is now) is Mars. Mars is a fiery, hot planet. He is the warrior who likes to use physical energy and strategy. He likes to think logically. During this entire month Mars is in Cancer which is his least favorite sign — he is not comfortable in this feeling oriented water sign where he becomes emotional. Because of his hot nature he can bring the water to a boil when he gets frustrated or angry. One expression of this might be emotional reactions to financial restrictions and cut backs.

Venus retrogrades back into Cancer

Venus retrogrades back into Cancer on August 13th and will once again be going through the Gandanta position at the Cancer/Leo conjunction. Gandanta is the transition point between a water and fire sign and has turbulent energy.

It was during the recent transit of Venus in Gandanta on July 4th, that Greece decided to vote “no” on further cut backs in order to meet their financial obligations. Venus governs finances as well as relationships. A tumultuous few days followed regarding future directions not only for Greece but for the entire Euro Zone.

Venus will join Mars in Cancer. Cancer is an imaginative sign and a good use of the Venus/Mars energy is to express creatively, for instance through writing, acting, drama or painting. Cancer nurtures family life and we may enjoy spending time with family and friends provided that w stay away from family conflicts though, remember that Mars can get angry and argumentative.

The Sun moves through gandanta and enters Leo on August 17th midnight (PDT). The Sun will also be in Magha nakshatra until August 31st.  The Sun in Magha expresses a powerful and dynamic energy, but the influence of a powerful Saturn aspecting Leo can also indicate power struggles.

Adhi Yoga benefits those with Aquarius Moon

This is a good period for those with an Aquarius Moon which has a positive Adhi Yoga between August 23rd and October 1st. Adhi Yoga occurs when three benefic planets: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, are positioned in the sixth,seventh and eighth houses from the Moon.

Astrological dates to remember:
August 2015

  • Mars in Cancer throughout the month
  • August 2nd: Saturn goes direct and is stationed at approximately 4 degrees Scorpio
  • August 4th: Jupiter and Venus conjunction at approximately 4 degrees Leo
  • August 4th: Mercury gandanta and moves into Leo
  • August 13th: Venus retrograde into Cancer
  • August 17th: Sun gandanta and moves into Leo
  • August 23rd: Mercury goes into Virgo



Astrological Update: July 2015

As we enter July we can see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the night sky. The two planets are so close – less than a degree apart – that they look like a double star. We will experience two more Venus/Jupiter conjunctions this year: On August 4th and on October 25th, both in Leo.  It has been pointed out that the current string of Venus/Jupiter conjunctions closely resembles a similar series between the year 3 and 2 BC.  It has also been suggested that it was this joint appearance of Venus and Jupiter that came to be known as the Star of Bethlehem. Interestingly, both planets are associated with guidance. Adding to the beauty of the night sky is the full moon in Sagittarius on July 1st.

See the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in the night sky.

Transits of Venus and Jupiter

Both Venus and Jupiter are about to make significant transits. Venus moves into Leo on July 4th and Jupiter moves into Leo on July 13th after a year long stay in Cancer. Both planets are now moving towards the star Regulus which is situated in Leo. If you are looking at the night sky you can now see Regulus next to Venus and Jupiter.

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter has been exalted in Cancer for a year now. Jupiter is also quite comfortable in Leo where he will be after July 13th. The Sun, ruler of Leo, is a friend of Jupiter. Leo will benefit from the presence of Jupiter,as will the other two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius. The energy of Jupiter in the fire signs is active and dynamic. The sign of Aquarius will also feel Jupiter’s energy because it recevies a direct aspect from Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter stays in Leo until August 11th, 2016.

While making his transit in the deep and intense sign of Scorpio, Saturn has been receiving a soothing influence from Jupiter in Cancer. This will change when Jupiter moves into Leo. From this sign Jupiter will no longer aspect Saturn. Instead Jupiter in Leo will now “receive” an aspect from Saturn. During Jupiter’s transit in Leo, this planet of optimism and hope, will be restricted by Saturn. Due to Saturn’s influence we may have to work harder for expansion and growth.


The very last 48 seconds of the water sign Cancer and the first 48 seconds of the fire sign Leo are known as Gandanta, places of transformation and change. Gandanta transits can create turbulence and insecurity and bring up karmic situations that need to be faced..

Jupiter will be in Gandanta between July 9th and July 17th.

Venus will move into Leo on July 4th but will go retrograde between July 25th and Sept 6th. Venus returns to Cancer on Aug 12th and comes back again into Leo in September. This means that Venus will cross the Gandanta position three times: On July 4th, on August 12th, and on September 30th.

Both Venus and Jupiter are connected to finances. Jupiter governs wealth and expansion and Venus can give us comfort and prosperity. Venus also governs relationships.  We are experiencing turbulence and financial uncertainty. For example the debt crises in Greece is very serious and other places in the world are also under severe economic stress.

An energized Mercury

Mercury will go into his own sign of Gemini on July 5th but will only stay there for two weeks and then move on to Cancer. Mercury gets energized by Mars and the Sun while in Gemini. He is in an exact conjunction with Mars on July 15th. Mercury is the planet of communication, trade and commerce. The conjunction between the two planets activates and agitates Mercury’s energy during this time.

Spiritual Consciousness

It is interesting to know that Gandanta transits of both Jupiter and Venus can also awaken spiritual consciousness. Our attitudes can change and allow us to gain fresh insights and perspective. However, it is good to allow Jupiter to become more settled in Leo before making important decisions.

Astrological dates to remember: July 2015

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius on July 1st
  • Venus moves into Leo on July 4th
  • Jupiter moves into Leo on July 13th
  • Mercury is in Gemini between July 5th and July 20th
  • Venus goes retrograde between July 25th and Sept 6th




Astrological Highlights: June 2015

Full moon vedic astrology

As we enter June there are a cluster of planets in Taurus (Sun, Mars and Mercury) which are opposed by Saturn from the sign of Scorpio.

Full Moon in Scorpio on June 2, 2015

The full moon takes place in Scorpio on June 2nd. It is a highly energized Moon that receives aspects from every planet with the exception of Venus and Rahu.

A Scorpio Moon is sensitive to its environment and at this time is also influenced by the tension between Saturn and the cluster of planets in Taurus. This particular Scorpio Moon can manifest a serious mind due to its closeness to Saturn. Saturn is currently retrograde and so is Mercury. Sometimes we may feel like we are stuck and not moving forward with retrograde planets, especially when they are in the fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus. Be aware that the Moon’s current placement can release challenging emotions. However, If you remain calm and are able to stay focused you have the opportunity to get a lot done. The Scorpio Moon can also be helpful when we need to analyze current situations or do research.

Scorpio is a secretive sign and its energy is often expressed through activity that takes place hidden from sight. This energy can be seen today in the world at large through the espionage, manipulation and warlike preparations are taking place at this time. Secrets and scandals may also surface during this time.

Tension in Taurus

We will also be feeling Taurus’ influence due to the presence of the Sun, Mars and Mercury in this sign. These planets are currently feeling the strain from Saturn’s aspect. Taurus is an earth sign connected to economy and finances and we all need to navigate wisely in the current financial climate.

Mercury goes direct on June 11, 2015

The Moon moves swiftly through the signs and Mercury will go direct again on June 11th. Both the Sun and Mars moves into Gemini on June 15th and the new Moon takes place in Gemini on June 16th. Two fiery planets in the sign of Gemini can make the second half of June an active time for communication and expression of ideas. Just remember that Mars is impulsive and avoid getting into forceful arguments. Mercury will also move into Gemini on July 5th.

Two benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus, remain in Cancer the entire month. Their position in this sign ruled by the Moon can strengthen creativity and enhance positive feelings.

Astrological dates to remember: June 2015

  • Full Moon on June 2nd
  • Mercury moves direct on June 11th
  • Sun moves into Gemini on June 15th
  • Mars moves into Gemini on June 15th
  • New Moon in Gemini on June 16th

Astrological Highlights: May 2015

Recently we have experienced how malefic planets, even when they are strong and powerful,  can cause a lot of destruction. The devastating earthquakes in Nepal, that began on April 26th, and the intense riots occurring simultaneously in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States, are manifestations of these malefic energies.

The present conjunction of Mars and Sun in Aries may seem promising at first, with Mars in his own sign and the Sun in exaltation. Mars will always cast an aspect on the 8th sign from itself, which in this case is Scorpio. The challenges that the world are now experiencing come from a very frustrated Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is receiving the powerful energy from his worst enemies, Mars and the Sun, and this is putting harsh pressure on him. Saturn governs the masses, as well as structure, and Scorpio is a sign of deep transformation which can occur below the surface. Mars will also cast his aspect on the 4th sign from himself, which is Cancer. Cancer governs homes and shelter, and as a result of the earthquake in Nepal thousands of people have lost their lives and many more are now homeless.

Another example of this energy getting out of control has been expressed in Baltimore. Mars is the planet representing the police and the Sun governs power and authority. The aspect of Mars on the eight house from himself and on Saturn (the masses) has caused agitation, anger and frustration which has resulted in riots and situations beyond control.

On the day of the full Moon on May 3rd Mars moves into Taurus. Mars will still aspect Saturn by opposition – Taurus is opposite Scorpio – but this Venus ruled sign has a much more gentle energy than the assertive sign of Aries. However, if you have your rising sign, Moon or Sun in either of these signs (Taurus or Scorpio) you may need to make an extra effort to remain calm and even minded in your personal relationships. Agitation is a possibility. Although on a positive note there is an exchange between Mercury in Taurus and Venus in Gemini which should benefit good communication.

The Sun moves into Taurus on May 15th followed by a new Moon in Taurus on May 18th. Mercury goes retrograde on that same day and will stay retrograde until June 11th. We can all move forward with our lives but during this time it is good to double check schedules and travel arrangements, do a computer back up, etc. The retrograde Mercury in Taurus is in a positive exchange with Venus in Gemini. We should enjoy ourselves during this time; work in the garden, plant flowers, paint and write, or revisit old friends.

Astrological dates to remember for May 2015:

  • Sun moves into Taurus on May 15th
  • Moon is full on May 3rd in Libra and new on May 18th in Taurus
  • Mars transits into Taurus on May 3rd
  • Mercury is retrograde in Taurus between May 18th and June 11th
  • Jupiter remains in Cancer until July
  • Venus moves into Gemini on May 2nd
  • Venus moves into Cancer on May 30th
  • Saturn is still retrograde in Scorpio


Astrological Highlights: April 2015

We are about to experience the first lunar eclipse of 2015 on April 4th, shortly after the first solar eclipse on March 20th. The period between a solar and a lunar eclipse is often intense and will frequently bring a sense of change and transformation both for individuals and for the world at large.

Ask and it will be given; Seek and you will find; Knock and it will be opened to you.

Lunar eclipse on Easter weekend — April 4, 2015

Both the solar eclipse on March 20th and the lunar eclipse on April 4th occur at times that we associate with significant transformation. The solar eclipse took place on the spring equinox and the lunar eclipse occurs this Easter weekend.

The lunar eclipse occurring this Easter is interesting from a historical perspective. It is believed that there was an eclipse during the crucifixion of Christ that took place on Friday, April 3rd, about 2000 years ago.

“Now when the sixth hour had come, it became dark over all the land until the ninth hour.”  

Mark 15:33.

Some people have believed that it was a solar eclipse, while other suggest a lunar eclipse with “a moon that turned to blood”. Others argue that no total eclipse can last as long as three hours and that perhaps other natural phenomena occurred during this time.

In any case, we will experience a blood moon eclipse on Saturday April 4th. When the Earth casts its shadow on a full Moon and eclipses it the Moon may get a red glow known as a blood moon. This can only happen during a total eclipse. This total lunar eclipse is short in duration and reaches full eclipse at 5 am (PDT) on April 4, 2015. It can be seen in western North America, eastern Asia, the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

From an historical perspective, one of the most transformative events for humanity took place on the original Easter about 2000 years ago. The day after Good Friday, was a time of loss and sorrow. However, Christ’s resurrection the following day was a time of great joy and victory of spirit over matter.

One may ponder upon the hidden meaning of the timing of these eclipses. Perhaps their timing can serve as a symbolic reminder that we are moving towards an age where humanity eventually will experience a higher consciousness.

What should you do during an eclipse?

Most astrologers reccommend that we do not initiate important activities during eclipses. The time is much more suitable for contemplation and silence. Honoring the inner life is also appropriate for those commemorating the drama that took place 2000 years ago and the mystical life of a great master.

Who will be most effected by the lunar eclipse?

Virgos may especially be influenced by the eclipse on April 4th with the Moon and Rahu transiting this sign. The Sun is opposite the Moon in Pisces, a sign that can express compassion, universal ideals and sacrifice. Mercury is very close to Ketu, also in Pisces, and Mercury expresses intuitive and visual contemplation rather than intellectual analyses in this position.

The planetary energies will become more stable during the second part of April.

Aries is powerful this April

People with their Ascendant, Sun or Moon in Aries might feel more energetic and confident than usual during April. Mars is the ruler of Aries and he will be transiting through his own sign for the entire month. This is a good position for Mars and Mars stays in Aries until May2nd. Mars will be joined by Mercury on April 11th and the Sun becomes exalted in Aries on April 14th.  Aries are the initiators and this can be a good time for starting somethin new. However, Saturn in the 8th house from Aries may bring up unexpected obstacles.

Venus in Taurus brings creativity

People with their Ascendant, Sun or Moon in Taurus will benefit from having Venus in its own sign from April 6th and until May 2nd. Venus can express itself creatively in Taurus and knows how to enjoy the good things in life. When Mercury joins Venus in Taurus on April 26 things may get even better, though the aspect from Saturn on Venus can cause restrictions.

Jupiter changes gears

Jupiter will end his retrograde movement on April 8th and will station at 18 degrees Cancer until the end of the month. If you have any planets on or near this degree in any of the water signs, you will feel Jupiter’s influence quite strongly this month.


Astrological dates to remember for April 2015

April 4th: Lunar eclipse in Virgo

April 6th: Venus moves into Taurus

April 8th: Jupiter goes direct in Cancer

April 11th: Mercury joins Mars in Aries

April 14th: Sun joins Mars and Mercury in Aries

April 18th: New Moon in Aries

April 26th: Mercury moves into Taurus



Astrological Highlights: March 2015

Rahu and Ketu Vedic Astrology - serpantMarch 2015: a month of sweeping changes

Spring is a time of change. We can experience these changes in nature and all around us. In addition to the transition of the seasons, astrological influences this coming month suggest that other changes might be in store as well. On March 20th, the day of the spring equinox, we will experience a full solar eclipse. A lunar eclipse takes place a short time later, on April 4th. The eclipses remind us that change and transformation, life and death, are also a part of life.

The total solar eclipse on March 20th can be seen from the Faroe Islands (near Iceland) and Svalbard (near Greenland). Greenland, Iceland, Europe, the Middle East, northern Africa and northwest Asia get to witness part of the eclipse. A solar eclipse always happens on a new moon and this new moon is a “super moon”, which means it is close to earth and can have a strong influence upon it.

The eclipse takes place at 5’ 23” degrees in the sign of Pisces. The new Moon and the Sun are joined in Pisces by Ketu, Mars and Uranus. The house that is represented by Pisces in your personal chart is likely to be an area in your life undergoing change.

Ketu plays a significant role this month

The lunar nodes are both very active this month–especially Ketu in Pisces. Ketu is also in the company of other planets, many of whom will be transiting over Ketu.

Ketu is the keeper of the book of past and present karma. He reminds us that we have issues from the past that we need to deal with. He wants to bring us enlightenment and freedom, but Ketu can also be immersed in darkness and carries all our emotional baggage.

Rahu and Ketu are symbolically represented by a serpent. Rahu is the head– he is the thinker. Ketu is the tail, he acts instinctively, and he is portrayed without a head. A dark and headless Ketu can do awful things. Beheadings, assassinations, and burnings of innocent people are all acts of headless ignorance. Ketu is a fiery planet that can cause fear and destruction, as well as loss and sorrow.

However, the higher nature of Ketu wants to destroy our ignorance. His true wish is to give us knowledge and liberation. Ketu governs instinct and intuition and looks beyond the restrictions of the mind. He wants us to think with the heart.

Rahu is always opposite Ketu and is very different from Ketu in his expression.  Ketu in Pisces is idealistic. Rahu in Virgo (as He is now placed) is practical, analytical and tries to keep control through intellectual analyses.

Rahu transits a nakshatra called Hasta during the month of March. Hasta is placed in Virgo. Hasta means “hand” and the hand reflects our destiny. At the time of the lunar eclipse on April 4th, Mercury will be in the sign of his debilitation (Pisces) and in exact conjunction with Ketu. There may be some challenges in areas represented by Mercury at this time: communication, trade, business or education.

Uranus and Pluto

Although the outer planets Uranus and Pluto are not traditionally included in Vedic astrology, they are used in both Western astrology and neo-Vedic astrology. Their influence has validity and it can be helpful to examine them.

Ketu can act quickly and unexpectedly. The outer planet Uranus is also transiting Pisces. Uranus is rebellious, he too can act in sudden and unexpected ways.

Uranus and Pluto have been in a square relationship with one another since 2012. They will be in an exact 90 degree angle between March 11 – 28.  Pluto represents power and transformation. The inharmonious relationship between Uranus and Pluto is creating drastic changes and upheaval.

The presence of Ketu also suggests deep past and present karmic issues that need to be worked out. This is a time when many people in the world are affected by political and social forces beyond their control. It may be both painful and chaotic.

Some people may be experiencing the need to let go of something or someone that has been very precious to them. The present Venus/Ketu conjunction sometimes indicates the loss of a loved one. It can also indicate a need to simplify, to be flexible and to let go of attachments to things that are no longer needed. It may also indicate a reconnection to a past relationship.

This is a great time for psychological healing and therapy work as it puts us in touch with our past and can give us insight and the courage to change. The exalted Jupiter in Cancer casting a beneficial aspect on Pisces is helpful in this respect.

“Life is always unsafe and unstable, like a drop of water on a lotus leaf. The company of a divine personage, even for a moment, can save and redeem us.”

–Sankaracharya, an illumined sage of the eighth century; quoted from the last chapter of The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar


Astrological Dates to remember for March 2015:

March 1st     Ketu conjunct Venus

March 6th     Ketu conjunct Mars

March 8th     Mercury moves into Aquarius

March 12th   Venus moves into Aries

March 14th   Saturn goes retrograde   at 10’51” Scorpio

March 14th   Sun moves to Pisces

March 20th   Solar eclipse and new Moon

March 23rd   Mars moves into Aries, stays until May 4th

March 30th   Sun conjunct Ketu

March 11 – 28   Uranus and Pluto in an exact 90 degree angle




Astrological Highlights: February 2015


During February, March and all through the first part of April many planets are in water signs.

The water signs are: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The water element stands for liberation and transformation. Water also represents feelings and emotions.

Ketu and Uranus

Ketu, the south node of the moon, is transiting the star constellation Revati in the water sign Pisces. Pisces is the last of the twelve signs and Revati is the last of the 27 lunar mansions. Revati is the end of a cycle, and within Revati lies the seeds for a new beginning. Planets that are transiting Revati reveals major transformation. Ketu represents our past karma.

Ketu in Revati is joined by the outer planet Uranus. Ketu always moves in a retrograde motion. Uranus and Ketu meet in an exact conjunction on February 1st. Ketu can suddenly and unexpectedly release his energy and the outer planet Uranus is erratic and rebellious. Their combination can be chaotic and we have experienced their energy in January as the two planets were approaching one another. The terror attacks in France and other disturbing acts embodies this chaotic and shocking energy.

Ketu and Jupiter

Pisces and the star constellation Revati also express spiritual and idealistic energy.The same planetary combination (Ketu/Uranus) can also give us deep and profound insight. Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, is transiting another water sign; Cancer. Both Jupiter and Ketu are influencing one another by a trine aspect. We can experience deep feelings, intuitive wisdom and guidance during this time of transformation and change.

Jupiter in Cancer tends to make us feel connected to our roots, family and country. While Jupiter is expansive, Ketu’s influence is one of cutting off and separating. At this time we are experiencing a rise in nationalism such as in Russia as well as in Ukraine. In Greece and Spain we see a desire for independence from the EU and in America and many European countries we see the rise of political parties favoring strict immigration policies.

Mercury and Jupiter Retrograde

The star constellation Revati is ruled by the planet Mercury and is in a sign, Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. Mercury and Jupiter are both currently retrograde and opposite each other. There is a need to reflect and analyse our present and changing circumstances. Mercury is doing some serious thinking and is involved in the structure and organisation of  trade and communication systems, especially while transiting Capricorn. Mercury will go direct on February 11th

Mars and Venus enter Pisces

Saturn is transiting Scorpio, yet another water sign. Scorpio is a deep and profound sign of transformation but Saturn can resist changes and may even block them. Scorpio has two rulers; Mars and Ketu. Mars will enter Pisces on February 11th which means that both rulers of Scorpio will then transit Pisces. Venus will enter Pisces on February 15th. Venus is exalted in Pisces but will likely not enjoy the company of Mars, Ketu and Uranus, three malefics with highly charged energy. In March the Sun will join them as well and on March 20th there will be a Solar eclipse adding further indications of transformation and change.

Remember that Ketu is a planet for yogis as it indicates non-attachment and spiritual wisdom. Stay centered within!


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