Astrological Highlights: March 2017

Vedic astrology for March 2017 | Lina Preston, Northern Lights Vedic


During March, 2017 we will experience a strong Mars in Aries and a benefic Venus in Pisces. Jupiter and Venus are both retrograde this month.

The Effect of Mars in Aries

mars-smallMars moves into Aries on March 1st where he will stay until April 12th. Mars is strong in his own sign where he can easily express his qualities of initiative, independence and courage. A strong Mars is beneficial if you are having surgery this month. Mars is assertive in Aries and will defend his territory.

While Mars transits Aries his influence on our individual lives differs depending on which of the twelve sign constellations are prominent for the individual. Read about the positive effects that Mars can have for your rising sign. You can also read the effect of Mars on your Sun and Moon signs. Please note that I am referring to the Vedic astrological chart which differs from that of western astrology.

If Your Vedic Rising (or Sun / Moon Sign) is:

Aries: With Mars transiting your first house (self and body) your energy is high this month and you are able to get a lot done. This is a good month for making lifestyle changes.

Taurus: Mars rules your 7th house (partnership) and is transiting your 12th house (retreat, travel). This can be a good time to do something relaxing and fun with a significant other. Go on a yoga retreat with your friend or take a vacation abroad. Relax and enjoy a massage.

Gemini: Mars is in your 11th house of gain. This is a good time to begin new projects. Mars can give you enough energy to work on your projects and his influence will support your efforts.

Cancer: Mars is in your 10th house of career and you are creative, as well as assertive now. Work of a technical nature is especially supported.

Leo: Mars rules your 4th house of education, home and family. Mars is the planet that represents property and land. For your rising sign Mars is currently transiting the expansive 9th house making this is a good time to invest in your home or property. This month can also give opportunities for expansion of  technical knowledge, for instance it might be a good time to learn more about your computer. Starting new classes – or teaching classes – in fitness and exercise are also favored.

Virgo: This is an especially good time to work with your health by doing yoga or other physical exercise. You may find that your stamina is increased during this transit. A change regarding siblings or your neighbours could come up. Mars is in your 8th house of investigation, so this is a very good time for doing research.

Libra: Mars is in your house of partnership. Your partner is strong, in fact other people may overwhelm you at times. Artistic pursuits are healing for you. If you are involved in business this could be a busy and profitable time.

Scorpio:  You can stand up for yourself against opposition and your own immune system is strong. If you need to have surgery, this could be a suitable time. With Mars in your sixth house this is a good transit for doing things that requires a quick and decisive response.

Sagittarius: Your mind is quick and sharp during this time. If you want to create a new approach to something, your mind will create a good strategy. You have Mars in the fifth house, and this could be a good time to do something active or adventuresome with your children.

Capricorn: If you own land this is a good time to work on developing your property. A strong Mars in the 4th house also makes this a good time to invest in property. This transit is also good for doing home repairs or changes in your current living situation.

Aquarius:  This transit of Mars is good for exerting physical effort . Go on an adventure if you can, you may feel like pushing the limit.If you are involved in sales or communication you can be  assertive and strategic now.

Pisces: Not only are you experiencing the pleasant transits from Venus and Jupiter, but Mars in Aries can increase your income, especially if you are involved in teaching or travel.

Venus goes retrograde

Venus - Vedic AstrologyWe are all lucky to have a well placed Venus in Pisces while Mars is so strong. Venus helps us to experience beauty and compassion, balancing the assertiveness that comes from Mars in Aries.

Venus is retrograde between March 4th and April 15th. Jupiter is also retrograde this month. With both benefic planets retrograde we may see a slow down in the booming stock markets.

A retrograde Venus may bring encounters with past relationships and friends. You may return to an artistic endeavor or revisit a distant place.

The Dance of Mercury & Jupiter

MercuryMercury joins Venus in Pisces on March 10th and will travel swiftly through this sign.  While Mercury is in Pisces he exchanges signs with Jupiter. These two planets also aspect one another so there is a strong connection between them.

Jupiter often has a grand vision but doesn’t pay much attention to the details. On the other hand, Mercury is good with details. However, Mercury is compromised in the sign of his debilitation. Due to these influences, we need to watch out for ungrounded and impractical thinking.

On March 26th, Mercury moves into Aries where he stays until June 3rd. Mercury stays in Aries for a long time due to the fact that he goes retrograde in April.

Dates to remember

Vedic Astrology Transits for March, 2017

March 1st:  Mars is in Aries until April 12th

March 4th: Venus is retrograde until April 15th

March 10th: Mercury joins Venus in Pisces until March 26th

March 12th: Full Moon in Leo

March 14th: Sun joins Venus and Mercury in Pisces

March 26th: Mercury moves into Aries and stays in this sign until June 3rd

March 27th: New Moon in Pisces



Astrological Highlights: February 2017

Vedic astrology forecast February 2017 | Northern Lights Vedic


Astrologically, the remainder of February is influenced by two eclipses, a positive Venus and a retrograde Jupiter.

Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

A Rahu period is sometimes referred to as “Mr Toad’s wild ride” due to the unpredictability and ups and downs that can manifest through Rahu.

According to a respected chart rectification of the United States by Vedic astrologer James Kellegher, the US is currently going through a Rahu period. President Donald Trump and his chief advisor, Steve Bannon, are also both strong Rahu personalities. Curious about Trump’s astrological profile? Read this article from August, 2016.

Rahu defies the establishment, is good at manipulation, and wants to create a new order of things. Rahu is also a good planet for technology and science, so we may see advances in these fields. The Rahu period for the United States began in 2015 and is not supposed to end until 2033.

Two Eclipses in February

The lunar nodes are busy this month with two eclipses. There is a lunar eclipse in Cancer on February 10th. A solar eclipse takes place on February 26th in Aquarius. Eclipses reveal secrets or hidden truths that eventually change our perspective.

Venus Saves the Day

Venus is in for a long stay in its favorite sign Pisces (until May 30th). Venus is a beautiful bright planet known as the morning and evening star. Venus helps bring out heart qualities of Pisces that are much needed today: compassion, connection and healing. Venus shares Pisces with the planet Mars for the entire month but Venus is the stronger planet in this sign. Pisces is also receiving an aspect from its ruling planet Jupiter, helping improve quality of life for people with major planets in this sign.

Jupiter is Retrograde February 5th – June 9th

Jupiter is receiving planetary aspects from both Venus and Mars this month.

Jupiter went retrograde in Virgo on February 5th. A retrograde planet will often return to a project that needs reworking. Jupiter rules legal matters and Virgo is a detail oriented sign also connected to health.

Right around the time Jupiter went retrograde, it was communicated that the new health reform needs more work before it can replace Obama care. Jupiter’s wisdom helped mitigate a chaotic, abrupt transition in health care.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is now in Sagittarius, a sign connected with travel, law, truth and dharma. This brings legal matters, business, higher education, travel and religion into focus. Morals and ethics are highlighted as well.

Saturn moved into Sagittarius on January 26th. His power to restrict, obstruct and delay was expressed on the night of January 27th when president Trump issued a travel ban for people from seven muslim countries, restricting their entry to the United States. The discussions, protests and actions that followed echo the legal and ethical concerns of Sagittarius.

Saturn stays in Sagittarius until January 24th, 2020, with the exception of moving retrograde back to Scorpio between June 21st and October 25th this year.

Mula Nakshatra – back to the roots

Saturn is also transiting Mula, a nakshatra occupying the first 13’20” degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn’s transit in Mula will last through 2017 (except for the time when Saturn moves retrograde into Scorpio) and much of 2018.

Mula nakshatra is symbolically represented by a bundle of roots. Roots are usually hidden from sight, often buried deep in the ground. An instinct to search beneath the surface makes this a good nakshatra for investigation and research. It is also a good nakshatra for healers, both on a physical and psychological level. In order to find a cure for something one need to find the cause of the problem, which often is hidden from sight. Historians and archeologists that search for facts and knowledge of the past, sometimes literally underground, are also influenced by Mula.

The energy of this nakshatra is fierce and Mula has a power to destroy or damage. In order to plant new seeds, old roots sometimes have to come up. Politically we are seeing a destruction of earlier policies and reforms. Both Mula and Saturn have connections to the root chakra, Muladhara. Saturn in Mula puts focus on issues related to our sense of security and basic values. It can also be linked to fundamentalism.

The goddess Niritti is the deity of the Mula nakshatra in Vedic astrology.

The goddess Niritti is the deity of the Mula nakshatra. Image from


The spiritual symbolism of Mula, is represented by the deity Nirriti (associated with the goddess Kali). This goddess is often feared because she is known as the goddess of destruction. But the spiritual intention of Nirriti is to liberate us from egotism so that we can experience the essence (the root) of who we are. For the person who meditates this is a good time to meditate deeply.

While Saturn transits Mula and Sagittarius, it is especially important that we are truthful and honest, vigilant in pursuing a correct course of action.  We must not get distracted from our own dharmic responsibilities by focusing too much attention outside of ourselves. Saturn will in time hold us all accountable for our actions.


This Month in Vedic Astrology

Throughout February 2017:

  • Venus is in Pisces
  • Mars is in Pisces
  • Jupiter is in Virgo
  • Rahu is in Leo
  • Ketu is in Aquarius
  • Saturn is in Sagittarius

Dates to Remember for February 2017:

  • February 5th – June 9th  Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
  • February 10th, max at 5:48 pm PST – Lunar eclipse in Cancer
  • February 12th – Sun in Aquarius until mid-March
  • February 22nd – March 10th – Mercury in Aquarius
  • February 26th – Solar eclipse in Aquarius seen in parts of Africa and South America



10 Ways to Make Friends with Saturn in Vedic Astrology

10 ways to make friends with Saturn in Vedic astrology | Northern Lights Vedic

Saturn is associated with our root chakra which expresses a need for security and stability. Making friends with the basic qualities of Saturn will help to ease some of the inner discomfort which many people experience during these days of agitation.

Saturn is currently in gandanta which presents some challenges for us. You can read more about Gandanta here.

1. Develop a healthy daily routine.

Saturn governs time. By developing good habits and a healthy daily routine we can enjoy a sense of permanency even in the midst of change.

2. Put positive energy into your work.

Saturn is a good worker and appreciates when we put out an effort. Organizing your workspace and paperwork, yard work, maintenance, farming or gardening are all activities well suited to Saturn.

3. Find ways to serve others.

Saturn is a planet connected with service and wants us to give support to people in need. What can you do to help the homeless? How can you serve a dying friend? Find an organization you’d like to volunteer with. Serving others is a wonderful way to positively align with Saturn.  

4. Donate to causes that inspire you.

Make a monetary donation or donate your time to good causes. Saturn especially likes it when we donate food. For example, you can distribute food in a soup kitchen.

5. Practice detachment.

Try to not overreact emotionally to situations beyond your control. A favorable Saturn expresses an attitude of even- mindedness and inner detachment. Saturn helps us to realize that we all are part of a bigger picture. He wants us to let go of ego attachment.

6. Live simply.

Saturn sometimes brings unexpected expenses. One way to align yourself with Saturn is to live simply.

Saturn enjoys a simple diet of vegetables, fruits and nuts and is also connected with fasting. Saturday is Saturn’s day and you can honor Saturn by fasting or eating simply on this day.

7. Practice meditation and pranayama.

Practicing meditation helps to focus and calm the mind. Saturn is an air planet and we also benefit from doing breathing exercises. They help to bring our energy under control.

8. Exercise.

When times are turbulent we need to find ways to stay grounded. Walking and exercising will help. When we walk the feet are in contact with the earth which help us to feel well grounded. Enjoy the beauty of nature and remember to breathe.

9. Do mantras for Saturn.

Mantras are sounds that vibrates with a particular energetic quality. There are mantras for strengthening planetary energies and the mantra for Saturn is:  Om Shanicharaya Namah.

10. Wear an astrological gemstone.

Certain gemstones hold and transmit planetary energies. If Saturn is well placed in your astrological  chart you may want to wear a gemstone for Saturn. Have a Vedic astrologer recommend a gemstone for you. The primary gemstone for Saturn is a blue sapphire. Amethyst is a more subtle stone for Saturn that is purifying and brings clarity of mind. Lapis lazuli is also a stone compatible with Saturn and manifests calmness and deep wisdom.


“If we focus on the eternal, we will remain unaffected
by the changing experiences of life.”


Although Saturn has an intimidating reputation, remember that this is a planet of truth that can help us grow. Saturn helps destroy our illusions and wants us to understand that we need not take things personally. Through his influence, we will eventually be rewarded with humility, wisdom and peace.



Gandanta: Karmic Knots of 2017


What is Gandanta in Vedic astrology?

Planets in transit through Gandanta reveal times of transformation and change. Important planets will go through these special zones in 2017 – Saturn alone will be in Gandanta three times. In order to understand how planets in Gandanta may impact our lives in the near future, we must first have a basic understanding of what Gandanta is.

What is Gandanta in Vedic Astrology?

Before I describe the meaning of “Gandanta”,  an explanation of the sanskrit word “Sandhi” is in order. Gandanta is a form of Sandhi.

Sandhi means a connecting place. It can also be translated as a junction. In Vedic astrology sandhi is the connecting place, or junction, between two zodiac signs.

When a planet is about to leave a sign it begins to feel the energy of the next one. The energy is changing at the cusps and therefore a planet which is placed close to a junction between two signs is weakened.

Where fire and water meet

Gandanta occurs at the junction between a water sign and a fire sign. Water and fire are incompatible. We all know that it is difficult to ignite fire when water is present. Gandanta takes place close to the cusps, in the last degree of a water sign and in the first degree of a fire sign. Gandanta occurs between the signs of Pisces and Aries, between Cancer and Leo, and between Scorpio and Sagittarius.  Many Vedic astrologers use a Gandanta Zone that begins at 29 degrees 12 seconds in a water sign (the last 48 seconds) and ends after 48 seconds into a fire sign.

Transformation of Solar and Lunar energy

Gandanta is not only significant for solar astrology, it is also important for lunar astrology. Every day the Moon travels through a nakshatra. The nakshatras of the Moon are divided into three groups, or cycles, of nine nakshatras each. Each cycle ends where a water sign ends. The Lunar energy changes significantly at this junction (Gandanta) and when a fire sign begins, a new cycle of nakshatras will also begin.

Opportunities to untie our “karmic knots”

Planets that transit Gandanta go through transformation. Astrologer Komilla Sutton describes Gandanta as “karmic knots”. Gand actually means “a knot”. Gandanta can be translated as “the knots at the end”, and the energy at Gandanta is entwined and complex. Planets transiting gandanta will bring up deep issues that need to be faced; sometimes collectively, and sometimes individually. Facing these issues  will greatly accelerate the growth of a mature soul.

Planets that travel swiftly through the sky and make a quick transit through Gandanta may not have much of an effect. However, slow moving planets that take longer to transit Gandanta will invariably have a deeper impact.

2017 – A Gandanta Year

What kind of “karmic knots” can we see ahead of us this year by examining transits through Gandanta? Let us examine the slow moving planets crossing gandanta during 2017 – Saturn, Rahu and Uranus.


It is highly unusual to see this planet in Gandanta three times in a year. Saturn will cross Gandanta three times because it will move into Sagittarius on January 26th but then retrograde back into Scorpio again a couple of months later. Saturn will move direct again on August 25th, crossing Gandanta a third time.

Gandanta at the cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius is the most difficult of the three Gandanta zones, particularly the last degree of Scorpio. After all, it is the tail of a scorpion that inflicts its sting and can hurt us.

Saturn spending so much time in Gandanta expresses uncertainty and instability. Saturn governs structures and foundations. Saturn also likes stability and routines. It is when structures, foundations and reforms fall apart, or change, that we experience fear and uncertainty. This planet will not be settled in Sagittarius until after November 2017. Saturn will stay in this sign until February 2020.

Here are the dates when Saturn will be in deep Gandanta during 2017:

  • January 18th to February 3rd
  • June 9th to July 1st (retrograde)  
  • October 16th to November 2nd (direct again)


Rahu is of the air element and just like air in nature Rahu can be windy one day and calm the next. Rahu always moves retrograde and during 2017 Rahu moves from Leo and into Cancer.

Rahu is in Gandanta from August 2nd to August 30th, 2017.

When Rahu moves into Cancer, on August 17th, Rahu will join Mars. Mars is debilitated in Cancer and the conjunction between Mars and Rahu will be exact on August 25 – 26th. The two planets are also in transit through Gandanta during this time. It is likely to be a time of turmoil.

Solar eclipse on August 21st

This total solar eclipse also takes place with Rahu in Gandanta. The eclipse will pass from coast to coast in the United States and could be a sign of a coming change.

From an astrological point of view the second half of August is the most challenging time in 2017.


While Uranus is an outer planet (not a traditional Vedic planet) it can also offer us additional insight. This planet is expansive and freedom loving but can also be rebellious and unpredictable.

Uranus is in Gandanta as it moves from Pisces to Aries between March 24th to April 21st. This may be a time of turmoil caused by something ending or breaking away. The need for independence is on shaky grounds.

These transits through Gandanta provide us with opportunities for spiritual growth. Check back next week for a new post about personal remedies that will be helpful during times of uncertainty.



Astrological Highlights: January 2017


Vedic Astrology January 2017 - Photo by Wil Stewart

Financial optimism as the year begins

Jupiter governs expansion and growth, while Mercury is the planet for trade and commerce. During January, these two benefic planets are transiting in each others signs, giving some optimism and hope regarding financial growth. In addition Jupiter and Uranus are both expansive planets and their mutual aspect on one another can give some windfalls.

These astrological configurations are at this time also positive for education and learning. Studies in health, healing and law are favored at this time. The retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius goes direct again on January 8th and will remain in Sagittarius for the remainder of the month. A full Moon on January 12th, in Mercury’s sign Gemini, and in Jupiter’s nakshatra Punarvasu, adds to mental optimism.  

Saturn transits into a new sign

The most important event of the month is Saturn’s transition into Sagittarius.

Saturn has been in the sign of Scorpio since November 2nd, 2014. By now we have experienced many of the effects of Saturn in Scorpio; a sign governing transformation, change, secrets and hidden power. We have experienced the powerful effects of underground activity such as terrorism, espionage, hacking and manipulation. Saturn’s aspect on transiting Rahu in Leo, the sign of leadership, has led to an unprecedented election in the US and other difficult power struggles in the world.

Saturn in Gandanta

By now most of us are looking forward to Saturn moving into the next sign, Sagittarius. The problem is that Saturn now has a hard time leaving Scorpio’s energy behind.

During 2017 Saturn will transit the difficult gandanta zone between Scorpio and Sagittarius no less than three times. This is because Saturn will begin to move retrograde and back into Scorpio again once it reaches 3 degrees 41 seconds in Sagittarius on April 5th. The last and first degree (actually 48 seconds on either side of the cusp between Scorpio and Sagittarius) are considered deep Gandanta. Gandanta is the transition zone between a water sign and fire sign.

A planet transiting the Gandanta zone will express this complex energy that often holds a difficult karma. (My blog post next week will be about Gandanta)

The first time Saturn comes into deep Gandanta is between January 18th and February 3rd. The actual transition into Sagittarius takes place on January 26th when Saturn is 0 degrees Sagittarius.

Saturn is of the air element and brings change and turmoil  when transiting the Gandanta zone. We may literally experience more storms. This can be a difficult transition for Saturn who prefers routine and permanency. Saturn governs structures and as foundations change our need for security is challenged.

The Presidential Inauguration

The presidential inauguration takes place on Friday January 20th. Saturn in Gandanta is almost exactly opposite the Sun in Donald Trump’s chart. This is obviously a time of transition of power but amidst instability.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Sagittarius asks that we make an effort to transform low and selfish qualities and aim for higher ideals. Our actions and speech need to harmonize with the truth. Saturn in Sagittarius will ask us to take responsibility for our higher nature. We will need to ask ourselves what is the Dharma and the right way to act. Saturn in Sagittarius is also concerned with law and legal matters. There can be slow or restricted financial growth.

Mars and Venus in Pisces

Mars will move into Pisces on January 20th and will be joined by Venus on January 27th. Venus stays in Pisces all through the winter and spring until May 30. Venus is exalted in Pisces so this is very good news, particularly for mutable signs: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. For these signs Venus will be extra powerful since Venus will be in an angle. Venus in Pisces is creative, artistic and refined.



Dates to remember:

January 8th to   February 3rd  –   Mercury Direct in Sagittarius

January 12th  – Full Moon in Pisces

January 13th  to  February 12th –  Sun in Capricorn

January 20th to March 1st  –   Mars in Pisces

January 26th  –  Saturn in Sagittarius

January 27th to May 30th  –  Venus in Pisces

Astrological Highlights: December 2016

vedic astrology december 2016 Lina Preston Northern Lights Vedic astrological forecast


We have had a stormy year politically in 2016 and in the month of December the storms will continue. The Lunar Nodes are powerful making this a time of transformation and change in the world.

As this planet slowly evolves towards increased universality, the borders and boundaries between countries, cultures, men and women become less sharply defined. Currently the world is experiencing a rebellious reaction to this development. This is expressed through increased sentiments of nationalism and less tolerance. Brexit, Trump, and ultra right movements in Europe are examples of this in the west.

The Kala Sarpa Yoga (Vedic planets situated on one half of the zodiac between Rahu and Ketu) was in full effect on the US election day and is in effect again as we enter December.  Exceptions to the present Kala Sarpa Yoga are two outer planets, Uranus and Neptune, but they are not considered to be traditional Vedic planets. Because neither of them are part of the Kala Sarpa Yoga, and Neptune is closely conjunct the south lunar node, these outer planets are very powerful at this time. Uranus is rebellious, shocking and unpredictable, while Neptune is idealistic but can also be deceptive, creating realities that are hard to get a grip on.

Neptune’s conjunction with Ketu, is still close and was exact on election Day. This conjunction can manifest as feelings of confusion and betrayal. Before the election Donald Trump cast doubt on the fairness of the election and after the election there have been others who are not confident of the election results. Vote recounts are underway in some of the states. It appears that we cannot entirely trust what is communicated and that we are manipulated by internet trolls and fake news.

Mercury goes retrograde on December 19th to January 8th

Adding to the present unclarity Mercury will go retrograde very close to the outer planet Pluto on December 19th. When Mercury is retrograde it is harder to keep the facts straight and communication needs to be clear in order to avoid misunderstanding. Mercury conjunct Pluto can be indicative of mistrust and conspiracy, but also of the desire to get to the bottom of something. Mercury moving retrograde so close to Pluto could have a disruptive influence on the Electoral College which will meet on December 20th.  

Presently the planets that rule the lunar nodes, the Sun and Saturn, are both in Scorpio showing the  restructuring of leadership and governments.

Trump in Jupiter Dasha

A surprising shift in the attitude of Donald Trump has been seen after the election. He no longer wishes to put Hillary Clinton in jail. He even finds his former enemy President Obama “a good man” and agreeable. He is presently considering one of his main critics, the republican Mitt Romney, for secretary of state. An astrological explanation of his change of attitude is that shortly after the election Trump’s Rahu period ended. His Rahu/Sun in the tenth house made him quite ruthlessly pursue power. Jupiter is a benevolent planet. So how will it manifest in his life now?

Jupiter rules wealth, law, counsel, children

His own wealth will very likely increase. Jupiter governs advisors, counselors, consultants and ministers. The people he surrounds himself with will be very important. Currently he is putting together the cabinet of the United States. Mercury rules his Jupiter and is placed in Gemini in the 11th house. The placement of his Mercury suggests that his associates are wealthy, diverse and successful in business. Jupiter also governs children and the children of Trump play an important role in his life as well.

Jupiter and Mercury exchange signs in December and January

Jupiter in Virgo exchanges signs with Mercury in Sagittarius at present time (Jupiter rules Sagittarius while Mercury rules Virgo). The Jupiter and Mercury ruled signs are known to be flexible, quick and changeable. Sales and commerce have been strong especially with items involving communication and sales on the internet. People with important planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces could be doing well in their work at this time, especially when the career involves communication, clients or business.

Mars in Aquarius on December 11th

The Moon brakes the Kala Sarpa Yoga on December 5th. Mars is next and moves into Aquarius on December 11th. Mars governs anger and Ketu is also a hot planet. Their combination can create violence. After the new Moon on December 28th; Mars, Ketu and Neptune are very close. Venus joins the planets in Aquarius on this day and the Uranus/Jupiter opposition indicates an unstable time. The last days of this year is a time to be cautious.

Hopefully you can have some quiet time as we move into the New Year. The transition from one year to another is a good time for reflection on what is important in one’s life and on the focus we wish it to have. My wish is that you can surround yourself with positive and inspiring people. That you have reasons to be thankful for good things in your life. And that you can send thoughts of peace and harmony to everyone.


Blessings and Happy New Year,


Dates to remember:

December 2nd – Venus moves into Capricorn

December 10th – Sun/Saturn conjunction exact in Scorpio

December 11th – Mars moves into Aquarius and joins Ketu/Neptune – until January 19th, 2017

December 15th – Sun moves into Sagittarius

December 19th – January 8th, 2017  –  Mercury goes retrograde

December 28th  – New Moon in Sagittarius

December 28th – January 26th, 2017  –  Venus moves into Aquarius, joins Ketu/Neptune/Mars

December 28th  –  Ketu/Mars conjunction

December 30th – Mars/Neptune conjunction

Astrological Highlights: November 2016

US presidential election November 2016 Vedic Astrology forecast

Vedic astrology sheds some light on a stormy presidential election.

Significant world events will take place during the coming months. The world at large has much to face and the choices we make at this time have long term consequences.

Astrologically, the current situation is reflected by the Kala Sarpa Yoga (all the planets positioned between Rahu and Ketu, the two lunar nodes) and by the aspects which the nodes are receiving.

Karmic nodes stir up the past.

Rahu and Ketu are the karmic nodes. All of the planets are now positioned between Rahu and Ketu, which gives the nodes a lot of influence.  Rahu represents desires projected into the present. A strong Rahu can fulfill material desires, such as the desire for wealth, power, fame and sex. However, Rahu always wants more. Rahu can be intense, compulsive and manipulative. In the end Rahu is insatiable.

Ketu represents the past. Sometimes the past can come back to haunt us. This is why Ketu represents ghosts. Ketu can cause anger, sorrow, loss and disappointments. On a spiritual level Ketu can help us to surrender. Ketu can also bring insight and non-attachment. In the end Ketu gives us liberation.

Rahu is of the air element and air is volatile. Just like air, through Rahu’s influence, we can rise and fall. Leo is a sign of power and leadership. Rahu’s current position in Leo indicates a quest for power and influence. Rahu in Leo is challenged by a difficult aspect from Saturn. An ambitious, but challenged Rahu, fuelled by Leo’s fire, has caused the presidential campaign in the US to be one of the stormiest ever.

Saturn’s transit reveals Scorpio’s secrets.

Saturn, the planet of karmic retribution, is transiting Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign with great depth. It represents things that are hidden, it holds secrets and wants privacy. Scorpio is connected to secret activities such as espionage, hacking, control and investigation. This sign also has a connection to taxes, sex and scandals. As a fixed sign, it has a hard time letting go and can hold on forever to an issue.

It is interesting that both of the candidates have their natal Ketu, the shadow planet representing the past, in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn, the planet of karmic retribution has been transiting over the natal Ketu (the past) of both candidates. Saturn finds the sensitive secrets hidden in Scorpio.

Hillary has both Ketu and Jupiter in Scorpio in her birth chart. Her desire for privacy made her get her own private email server at home. With Saturn transiting Scorpio (and recently also Mars) her many thousands of emails under scrutiny. Due to the need for secrecy in regards to issues of homeland security she came close to facing criminal charges and is again facing investigation.

In a woman’s chart Jupiter represents husband. Certainly, most any woman would not want her husband’s indiscretions to be exposed in public. For Hillary, literally, the whole world has come to know about them.

Donald has Ketu and the Moon in Scorpio in his birth chart. The Moon represents women and during Saturn’s transit Donald’s attitude towards women has been under scrutiny. Even though he did not want it in the open, his abusive behavior was blatantly exposed by himself. He now threatens to sue the women who have stepped forward regarding his sexually abusing actions.

Donald also avoided revealing his filed income taxes by claiming they were under investigation.  However, some information about his taxes has been leaked.

The point is that while Saturn (planet of karmic retribution) has been transiting over their natal Ketu (the past) for both candidates, in the sign of Scorpio (secrets) both of them have been scrutinized, investigated and exposed to an unusual extent. Both are fighters, but are there any more ghosts hidden in their closets? How long can this go on?

Moon with Ketu and Neptune conjunction on election day.

Currently Ketu and the planet Neptune are in a very close conjunction in Aquarius. Disturbing news can come suddenly and unexpectedly. Neptune is nebulous and hard to get a grip on. Smoke screens can hide the truth. On the day of the election the Moon will have joined these planets showing doubts and unclarity on election day. After November 8th, the Moon breaks the Kala Sarpa Yoga for about two weeks. Mercury moves into Scorpio which means investigations are likely to continue.

Moving forward and clearing the past.

As individuals we are all influenced by the current Kala Sarpa Yoga. Many of us need to clear away and let go of past issues. Perhaps we want to know how to move towards new developments. Spiritually, a Ketu and Neptune conjunction will make us idealistic. These two planets can also help us to transcend our consciousness so that we can remember challenges in our past, forgive, let go and surrender.

In the words of a great Yogi:

Forget the past. The vanished lives of all men are dark with many shames. Human conduct is ever unreliable until anchored in the divine. Everything in the future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.

–Swami Sri Yukteswar


Astrological Highlights: October 2016

Vedic Astrology October 2016 - Northern Lights Vedic Lina Preston

Kala Sarpa Yoga:  October 3rd to December 6th

The influence from Rahu and Ketu are powerful during Kala Sarpa Yoga. This is a time when Rahu and Ketu act as “bookends” and all the planets are positioned somewhere in the five signs between them.  At this time the Rahu/Ketu axis is in Leo and Aquarius, and all the planets are in the signs from Virgo to Sagittarius. One could say that the planets feel “hemmed in” by Rahu and Ketu and are more influenced by them during this time.

The moon travels quickly and breaks the Kala Sarpa Yoga for two weeks every month. Therefore, the Kala Sarpa Yoga technically only exists during the following times:

  • October 3rd thru October 13th,  
  • October 26th thru November 9th,   
  • November 22nd thru December 6th   

During times of Kala Sarpa Yoga the world experiences more turmoil than normal. Rahu’s transit in Leo puts a focus on leadership. United States is said to be in a Rahu period and the presidential elections takes place during Kala Sarpa Yoga. We are experiencing an unusual election with a bigger polarity and more than average conflicts. The energy of the lunar nodes are non-traditional and Trump bases his campaign suggesting a change from traditional political values. It is interesting that Donald Trump himself has a Kala Sarpa Yoga in his own birth chart.

Although the the Kala Sarpa Yoga by transit is mostly experienced on a global/mundane level, individuals may also experience more than average turmoil around them. Especially those who are sensitive to the energy of the lunar nodes may feel a sense of constriction and need to work harder at being focused and centered.

Venus is in Libra until October 12th.

We are fortunate to currently have Venus transiting the sign that puts emphasis on harmony, enjoyment and balance. The energy of Venus becomes more intense after October 12th, when Venus moves into Scorpio. Scorpio is a secretive sign and can also reveal hidden secrets. Perhaps more scandals, and hacking, will surface when Venus transits Scorpio from October 12th thru November 6th.

It is a relief that Mars has moved away from Saturn in Scorpio during this time. Mars is in the sign of a friend, Sagittarius, during the entire month.

Mercury transits the sign of Virgo between October 3rd and October 20th.

Mercury is now strong in Virgo, its exalted sign. Communication and discrimination is favored when Mercury transits Virgo. This transit is especially positive for the Mercury ruled signs Virgo and Gemini. Mercury will move into Libra on October 20th.

Dates to remember:

  • October 3rd to 20th
    • Mercury transits Virgo
  • October 3rd to December 6th
    • Intermittently Kala Sarpa Yoga
  • October 12th to November 6th
    • Venus transits Scorpio
  • October 16th to November 15th
    • Sun transits Libra
  • October 20th to November 8th
    • Mercury transits Libra
  • October 31st to December 11th
    • Mars transits Capricorn


Pray for Peace and Harmony!


Astrological Highlights: September 2016

Vedic Astrology September 2016

During September, 2016 we will experience two eclipses, and Mars will finally leave his conjunction with Saturn after a long stay in Scorpio.

Solar Eclipse in Leo

The month of September begins with a full solar eclipse on September 1st. The Sun and the Moon will come together at 15 degrees Leo, near Rahu’s current position. A powerful Saturn, also at 15 degrees, is aspecting from Scorpio. The eclipse is visible in Madagascar and parts of Africa, which means that the impact is stronger in this part of the world.

Mercury is Retrograde and in a Planetary War

Mercury is now retrograde in the sign of Virgo. This planet is also fighting a planetary war with Jupiter during the first couple of days of the month. A planetary war occurs when the planets are within a degree of one another.

When Mercury is retrograde it is a good time for finishing and continuing working on existing projects. However, it is also important to watch our communications and to be as clear as possible in order to avoid misunderstandings. Mercury will retrograde into Leo on September 9th and will remain in Leo for the rest of this month. On September 21st Mercury goes direct again.

Lunar Eclipse on September 16th

The lunar eclipse will be visible in Europe, parts of Asia, Australia, and eastern Africa. It occurs in the first degree of Pisces, shortly after the Sun has moved into Virgo.

Mars is Leaving Scorpio on September 16th

The Mars and Saturn conjunction has caused difficulties for many people. We have experienced more accidents and terrorism than normal. Even earthquakes, flooding and storms have resulted from this conjunction.

Mars is leaving Scorpio on September 16th. During September 16th to September 18th Mars moves through what is known as the “Gandanta position”. These two days may be  somewhat unstable for the signs ruled by Mars: Aries and Scorpio.

Mars in Gandanta

Gandanta occurs in the final degree of a water sign and in the first degree of a fire sign. The end of a water sign indicates the completion of a cycle, and the very beginning of a fire sign indicates a new cycle of development. We often feel unsettled when we are in the midst of a change. When a planet moves from a water sign to a fire sign it goes through a transformation and is unsettled in its behavior. After September 18th Mars will have settled into the sign of Sagittarius.

Venus Enters Libra

Venus will be in Libra between September 18th until October 12th. This is a comfortable position for Venus who rules this sign. Everyone benefits by a good position for Venus but there are some signs who will especially benefit by it: Libras will of course enjoy and draw comfort and inspiration from this position of Venus. Capricorns may find more pleasure in their work, Aries will experience increased enjoyment of their relationships, and people with their rising sign in Cancer will enjoy their homes and families to a higher degree than normal.

September 2016 Dates to Remember:

  • September 1st:  Solar eclipse
  • September 2nd: Mercury & Jupiter conjunction
  • September 9th: Mercury retrogrades to Leo
  • September 15th to October 16th: Sun in Virgo
  • September 16th: Lunar eclipse
  • September 17th: Mars in Sagittarius
  • September 18th to October 12th: Venus in Libra
  • September 21st: Mercury goes direct again in Leo
  • September 25th: Sun & Jupiter conjunction in Virgo



Donald Trump: An Astrological Profile

Donald Trump: An astrological profile

Few people have received as much attention as Donald Trump in recent months. People around the world are puzzled by him. His astrological chart has some interesting features that I want to share with you.

What stands out in Trump’s chart is the strong placement of his lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. In fact, his Vedic astrological chart is dominated by them.


Rahu & Ketu: Keys to Understanding Trump

In order to understand Donald Trump’s chart, we must first have a basic understanding of Rahu and Ketu.

The lunar nodes are not actual planets. They are points created when the Moon’s orbit intersects with the plane of the ecliptic. These points are very powerful because they can eclipse the Sun and the Moon. This is why the lunar nodes are known as shadow planets. It is this shadow that we see at the time of an eclipse.

In fact, Donald Trump was born during a lunar eclipse. His natal Moon is with Ketu in Scorpio and his Sun is with Rahu in Taurus. The lunar nodes are always exactly opposite (180 degrees) from one another. All the planets Donald Trump’s chart are placed within 180 degrees and flanked on both sides by Rahu/Sun and Ketu/Moon. The Sun, the ruler of his Leo Ascendant, is placed with Rahu. All of these factors, lead to Rahu and Ketu having a strong influence in Trump’s life.


The Story of Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Mythology

The mythological story of Rahu and Ketu gives us insights into the meaning of the Lunar nodes.

Naga Vasuki was a big serpent and a demon. The Gods were at war with the demons for the control of the universe and in order to win the battle they needed to find the Divine nectar of Immortality. Naga Vasuki offered to help the Gods find this nectar. He allowed the Gods to use his body as a rope, which they tied around Mount Mandara and used as a rod.They churned the ocean and eventually, after many trials, the Divine nectar came out of the ocean.

Naga Vasuki churns the ocean for Divine nectar. The story of Rahu & Ketu.

The churning of the ocean. Painting from circa 1860

The Gods and the Demons had a party afterwards. The Gods distracted the demons while the Divine Nectar was passed around. They made a strong point out of keeping the nectar away from the Demons because they feared that the Demons would destroy the Earth if it came into their possession.

Naga Vasuki was cleverer than the other demons and entered the party disguised and sat down between the Sun and the Moon.  After a while the Sun and the Moon noticed his disguise and exposed him. Lord Vishnu, the creator of the universe, became very upset and threw his sword at Naga Vasuki. This caused the serpent’s head to fall off.

Because Naga Vasuki had already received some of the nectar of Immortality he did not die but became two creatures. The head is known as Rahu and the body without the head is known as Ketu. Since that time the Lunar nodes are bitter enemies with the Sun and the Moon and try to swallow them whenever they get close (they succeed during eclipses, when either the Sun or the Moon is conjunct Rahu or Ketu).


Rahu and Ketu in Trump’s Chart

Donald Trump's vedic astrological birth chart | Northern Lights Vedic

Donald Trump – Born June 14, 1946 at Jamaica, New York at 10:54

The lunar nodes in the chart of Donald Trump are powerfully placed. As Rahu (the head of the serpent) represents our material desires; a well placed Rahu can give great worldly success such as wealth, fame and power.  Rahu, in the chart of Donald Trump, is placed in the sign of Taurus, an earth sign expressing abundance. Rahu in Taurus is often connected to wealth.

The planets release their energy during their astrological time period in the individual chart. Donald Trump has been in a Rahu period for almost 18 years. The Rahu/Sun conjunction is placed in Donald’s 10th house. The 10th house is the area where we act out the desire to have an impact on the word.  Rahu is well placed in the 10th house and the strength of Donald’s Rahu is obvious when you consider his life as a businessman, as an entertainer, and now as the Republican candidate for President. While some of his business practices can be questioned – and Rahu can be manipulative and deceptive – nonetheless he has achieved much in an outward Rahu way.


The Out of-the-Box Thinker & the Outsider

When Rahu or Ketu dominates, a person behaves and thinks “out of the box”. The lunar nodes are not real planets and people represented by them often seem like “outsiders”. Some members of the Republican Party have considered Donald Trump an imposter from the start. One by one they are realizing they can’t control him , wishing that he was not their representative.

It is interesting that Donald Trump is pointing his finger at others who can also be represented by Rahu: foreigners, immigrants, illegal immigrants, people with different ethnic backgrounds, even handicapped people have been maligned by Trump.

Someone born during a lunar eclipse may exhibit a mind that lacks clarity. Their mind may even reveal darkness at times. The spiritual person counteracts this by facing their inner demons and develops self honesty and a respect for truth. A less evolved person will blame and project their anger and hatred on others. There is a tendency to turn other people into scapegoats for all the inadequacies they fear and dislike.

An active Rahu will also activate Ketu. The lunar nodes are not only placed opposite to one another, they also have opposite qualities. Whereas Rahu represents karmic desires projected into the present life,  Ketu carries the karmic burden of the past, which can create a desire to be liberated from it. This is why Ketu also represents yogis, monks and nuns, those seeking inner enlightenment and renunciation from the world. However, for the person caught up in worldly affairs Ketu’s influence can create disappointments, disillusionment, doubts and world weariness.


Transits for Donald Trump

The Stormy End of Rahu Dasha

The end of a Rahu period (or dasha) is said to be stormy and difficult. Donald Trump is at the end of his Rahu period and Mars is his sub period. His natal Mars is strong in Leo, his first house, giving him warrior like qualities. Currently Rahu is transiting Leo and over his Mars in his first house, making him very competitive and larger than life. However, according to some of the classic astrological texts, a person might lose everything he has gained during a Rahu period when he comes to the end of it.

Along with Saturn’s transit in Scorpio, Mars has also been transiting Scorpio for many months. This is influencing Donald Trump’s Ketu / Moon in Scorpio. Just like a wiggling tail of a serpent, his mind is unpredictable and there can be an extra sting in his comments during this time.


Donald Trump is in Sade Sati

For more than a year and a half Donald Trump has been in the midst of Sade Sati, a very difficult transit when Saturn goes over the Moon. The Moon wants security and Saturn adds responsibility and a sense of restriction.  Donald Trump wants to throw out illegal immigrants, create strict borders, and limit immigration and foreign trade. “Make America Safe Again” and “Make America Great Again” alludes to returning to a better past. Surely terrorism is a horrible reality today but is it ever possible to return to the past?


Less Support from Jupiter Since August

While the benefic Jupiter was transiting Leo, which is Donald’s first house, he was protected by this benevolent planet. Since Jupiter has moved into Virgo in August, and left Leo, his support has been diminishing. He has continually made one controversial statement after another. Some say he is self destructive. Donald Trump, always a winner in his own eyes, has begun to accept that he might lose the election. Perhaps he doesn’t really mind. He has been totally involved in competing and winning the race, but actually winning the final race involves daunting responsibilities for the next four years.


Jupiter Period Begins One Week after Election

Much can still happen. There will be two eclipses in September which can cause new things to surface. Shortly after the election, on November 16th,  Donald’s Rahu period ends and his Jupiter period begins. This period will last for 16 years and Donald Trump’s experience of Jupiter is connected to wealth in his chart. His wealth will likely increase and his influence will probably not end whether or not he becomes the president. Donald’s Jupiter aspects his 10th house (activities that have an impact on the world). Perhaps his allies will continue what he started. Perhaps he will also reap the benefits of his name and fame and write his memoirs. Certainly others will write many books about him as well.


Healing the Split Between Rahu & Ketu

Donald Trump’s story provides us with an important lesson about the outward moving principles of desires and ego attachment.

We all have Rahu and Ketu in our charts and we need to connect to both of their principles in order to have more balance. There is a need for healing the split between these two opposite forces. An example of this type of healing would be to work on expanding a spiritual awareness (Ketu) while offering a service to this world (Rahu). Not because of ego and self-gratification, but for the benefit of humanity and the soul.



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