Astrological Highlights: February 2014

Full Moon on Valentine’s Day

We will experience a full Moon on Valentine’s day, February 14 at 3:54 pm (Pacific Standard Time). The full moon will be in the generous, fun loving and dramatic sign of Leo.

From an astrological point of view, a full moon enhances the imagination, creates vivid dreams, activates the subconscious and brings emotions and feelings to the surface. We are also more receptive to our surroundings. A full Moon is enjoyable if we are a romantic at heart and devotionally inclined, but remember that a full moon has long been associated with werewolves and lunatics for a reason. We will sometimes see irrational behavior brought on by fears during a full Moon.

Venus goes direct

Venus is the planet representing relationships, comfort and art. Venus has been retrograde since December 21st and will go direct on January 31st. While retrograde this past month, Venus has been more introverted than normal, with a tendency to look towards the past. During the first couple days of February, as a planet shifts from retrograde to direct, Venus’ energy can be confused.

As we enter February Venus makes a transit through the sign of Sagittarius and is also receiving a close aspect from Jupiter. Venus is also in close conjunction to the outer planet Pluto. This indicates that Venus is looking for direction while going through a transformation. Venus is also receiving aspects from Saturn and Ketu while transiting Sagittarius.

On February 26th Venus moves into Capricorn and will be in close connection to Saturn. They both exchange signs in a Parivartana yoga. During this Parivartana yoga, Saturn and Venus’ combined energies will be realistic, disciplined, and hard working.

Three malefics in Libra

Venus rules the astrological sign Libra. On February 4th, Mars will join Saturn and Rahu who both are transiting Libra. These three malefic planets will all be in Libra simultaneously. Mars visits Libra between February 4th and March 24th, and then retrogrades back into Virgo. Mars is visiting both Virgo and Libra for many months this year. This planet will not exit Virgo the second time until July 14th and he will stay in Libra until September 4th.

Mars spends an average of five to six weeks in a sign but because of his long retrograde motion this year he will spend a very long time in these two signs. It is a problem for Mars because he is not comfortable in the thinking and analytical sign of Virgo. And when he enters Libra he is not in a friendly relationship with either Saturn or Rahu, who are presently occupying this sign.

Libra is a sign known for diplomacy and negotiation, a sign that enjoys balance and peace. We can expect activity as well as turbulence when all three malefics join in this sign.  In addition Mars will aspect Venus, the ruler of Libra, from february 26th. This is a good time to consciously practice ahimsa and do healing prayers for the world. It could be a turbulent time.

Mercury retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde between February 6th and February 28. This planet is positioned in Aquarius and moves retrograde back to Capricorn on February 18th. Things often don’t go according to the plans while Mercury is retrograde. The Olympics are happening in Russia during this time and we may see some challenges and changes during this event.

Many planets in air signs

A number of planets are in air signs this month, forming what is known as a trine: Jupiter is in Gemini. Rahu, Saturn and Mars are in Libra for most of February, Mercury is in Aquarius until February 18th and the Sun stays in Aquarius after February 14 for the remainder of the month.

Air signs favors the intellect. They are thinkers. New ideas, ideals and ideologies will likely be expressed during this time. This trine also places an emphasis on communication, although this will be affected by Mercury retrograde for a big part of the month.


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  1. mary jo cleaveland, colorado
    Feb 01, 2014 @ 17:39:28

    Thank your for sharing your vedic wisdom. It will be wonderful to experience the full moon on Feb 14th…day before my birthday. I was born around 3am and my mother often commented that I just missed an important day by being late!


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