Astrological Highlights: April 2014

solar eclipse vedic astrology quoteThe difficult conjunction between Saturn, Rahu and Mars in Libra, dominated the month of March. As we come into April, Mars is alone in Virgo, having moved away from the close influence of his two enemy planets, Saturn and Rahu. Will this bring relief?

With two eclipses and a difficult Mars influence, there are still serious challenges to be faced in April.

Manifestations of the malefic combination during March

Certainly the two great malefic planets, Saturn and Rahu, put a lot of pressure on Mars and brought out his difficult side in March. Among many things we experienced Cold War-style tension between the West and Russia and a potential for war in Ukraine. The tumultuous air element also manifested the mystery of the missing Malaysian airplane.

Mars retrograde in Virgo

Mars retrogrades in Virgo throughout April. He will continue to retrograde until May 19th when he goes direct at 14:58 in Virgo. Mars is very slow moving during this time. Virgos are hard working perfectionists and people with Virgo rising, Moon or Sun in Virgo will need to find ways to relax or their health may suffer. Mars will put them to work during this time.

In addition to the transit of Mars in Virgo, there are many influences between Mars and Mercury, the ruler of Virgo. During their transit in Pisces both Mercury and the Sun, in addition to the rebellious planet Uranus, are under the fiery aspect of Mars. Certainly Virgos, and also Aries and Pisces, need to make an effort to be calm and focused, especially when driving or doing activities that could put them in danger.

This becomes even more important when Mercury moves into Aries on April 20th. This will cause Mercury to be in a sign ruled by Mars (Aries), in addition to being aspected by Mars (Mars gives an 8th house aspect). There is an exchange between Mercury in Aries and Mars in Virgo. Although this may be good for investigation, research and for analyzing computer information and technical data, this exchange can also create stress. Yoga, exercise and massage are good ways to relax for both Virgos and Aries at this time.

A Mercury under stress

During the full Lunar eclipse on April 15th Mercury is in exact conjunction with the impulsive  Uranus and these two planets are also under the fiery energy of Mars. It is a good idea to do your taxes early this year. April 15th is not a good day to be doing something that is stressful or confusing.

Mercury is part of the Annual Solar Eclipse on April 28 (PST) lining up with the lunar nodes and the luminaries. The eclipse receives aspects from both retrograde Saturn and Mars.

Mercury governs communication, commerce, education and trade. He rules over the rational mind and the central nervous system. Mercury under stress can worsen allergies, give respiratory problems and skin rashes. Obviously it is important to rest the mind. Take walks and enjoy nature (if you don’t have allergies); take some time away from computers.

It is better to have a quiet and relaxing day during an any eclipse. It is not an auspicious time for beginning important projects. Do sadhana–meditation, yoga, mantras, pranayama and prayers can do wonders for calming the nervous system. The energy is darkened during an eclipse but the universe is also very receptive to light. An eclipse indicates a change, and spiritual light will make a positive difference on the outcome.

A Positive Venus in Aquarius

Venus is in Aquarius during most of April. This position brings out our humanitarian ideals and these will continue when Venus moves into Pisces on April 28.  Venus in Aquarius is in a favorable exchange with Saturn in Libra which benefits Aquarius and has a positive effect on all the air signs.

Sun in Gandanta on April 13

The Sun makes a transition from Pisces and goes into Aries on April 13. Pisces is the last of the twelve signs and Aries is the first. This is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  A transition into a new cycle is not easy–the energy is unclear, partly because a planet is on the cusp between different elements. The water element in Pisces is very different from the fire element in Aries. This transition is followed by the lunar eclipse with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra.

Total Lunar eclipse on April 15 at 12:45 am (PDT)

The full eclipse can be seen in California shortly after midnight and ends before 1:30 am. The entire event is visible from both North America, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

The eclipse takes place at approximately 1 degree Libra. If you have a planet (or especially Rising sign, Sun or Moon) near the degree of the eclipse it will have a powerful effect in your life.

Saturn plays a part in both eclipses this month. He is with the Moon during the lunar eclipse and opposite the Sun and Moon during the solar eclipse. The Sun represents leaders and governments while Saturn represents the people and democracy. Both the Sun in Aries and Saturn in Libra are exalted. The two planets are enemies and their opposition reveals the tension and power struggles that we are experiencing in many parts of the world.

An exact grand cross on April 22

The grand cross consists of two pairs of opposite planets that form a cross. A grand cross with four planets on exactly the same degree will occur on April 22nd. The planets involved are Jupiter, Mars retrograde, Pluto and Uranus.

The grand cross is normally only applied in Western astrology. However, many Vedic astrologers in the West also consider the outer planets and take the grand cross into account.

Uranus in Pisces (vedic calendar) gives a yearning for freedom. Pluto represents transformation, power and control. Jupiter’s influence on these planets can manifest an increased desire for higher consciousness and freedom, but also as an expansion of power and control. The conflict between the need for liberation and the need to keep control of power is strong. With Mars joining as the fourth planet the energy becomes charged and intense.

Annual Solar eclipse on April 28th at 11:15 pm PDT

The solar eclipse will be partially visible in Australia, Antarctica and southern Asia. The eclipse takes place at 14:48 degrees in Aries. If you have a planet (especially Rising sign, Sun or Moon) near this degree this eclipse will have a powerful effect in your life.

The Sun is in Aries aligned with the Moon, Mercury and Ketu and aspected by Rahu, Saturn and Mars, all retrograde.

Remember to give yourself the time to relax and go inward during the eclipse!


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  1. brindey
    Mar 31, 2014 @ 19:45:39

    Thank you Lina, for such an in depth explanation for what is happening. And for putting it in a way that a layman like me can comprehend what you are talking about! Thank you Lina for the service you render! Blessings your way! Love, Brindey


  2. live4truthchild
    Apr 02, 2014 @ 07:18:57

    Thanks for this informative wisdom, Elisabeth! No wonder my life is the way it is – haha. Aum…


  3. Margie Bazan
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 06:12:49

    love this thanks—-all good to know, blessings, hassi

    On 3/31/14, Lina Preston – A Blog About Vedic Astrology


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